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Parent Connection Support Groups

Parents can feel just as bewildered and under-resourced as their child when a child expresses their LGBTQ+ identity. Parents, family members, and caregivers deserve affirming and understanding resources for their questions and needs so that they can then be the best support they can be for the LGBTQ+ youth in their lives. Facilitators and families gather in this chat to discuss different aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation. This event can help caregivers and family members who are continuing to learn about how to support a child who has come out as gender nonconforming, or when a child is beginning to question their identity or orientation.


Groups are quarterly and virtual with CFK and monthly on the first Thursday of every month (alternating virtual and in person) with LGBTQ+ Lorain County. This program is a safe space and will not be recorded.

E-mail or DM us for questions and more information.

You are beautiful just as you are.

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